10 January 2012 @ 01:53 am

I've started (or actually already had a forgotten account, but I will be making it active) an account for DW.org. My username is MADEINALAB. Best username ever since all my favorite characters are made from a lab. HEE! If everyone wants to befriend me there...yay!

I just dled PS and been looking at tutorial. I am ready to make something. I'm trying to fill up my coming-soon icon post. I am accepting any icon requests for mah friends list. You can make them sharable or not.

So far, all I've been making is Cyclops/Storm icons. OMFG, I hate Astonishing X-Men but their new issue (44) of Storm and Cyclops...the interaction between those two was what I always wanted. The cover is those two sharing a kiss. I seriously flipped out. Also, Nightcrawler looks like the version of X-Men: Evo. Which makes me laugh. Still a horrible comic series though.

I've started working third shifts at a CVS. It's new...and fun, I guess. If I got enough sleep. I dunno if I can last being on third shift, but I'm trying. I get so much stuff on third shift, and I finally think I am helping out the store. I hate being idle on a cash register. I am a much better stocker since I actually bust my ass. (I have no idea where I get my work ethic from. lolol) It's a little scary since the store down on six mile (and I work on five mile) got robbed. But I am never alone. Also, I drive to work on my own now. I'm finally learning to be more comfortable driving. I just need to learn to be comfortable on a freeway. And learn my way around this new area...I get lost so easily.

I've noticed [info]minisinoo's website is down. I didn't save any of her Scott Summers series/fics. I'm a little disappointed. She had really good series, Climb the Wind and The Golden Goose (that was multi-authors including Dex and Dyce. Two of my other favorite writers). I am hoping I can get some PDFs off of other fans.
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Ana: smiletime; AOA!Dazzler[personal profile] betterthanlegos on January 11th, 2012 01:29 am (UTC)
LMFAO I know you would love the Storm/Scott shit in Astonishing. The second I saw that cover I knew you'd love it.
madeinalab: [AXM]  Stand by me[personal profile] madeinalab on January 11th, 2012 08:06 am (UTC)
Ana, I ship it so hard. And finally, someone acknowledged that Storm can finally put Cyclops in his place. To remove him from the path that he is going down. I saw a scan (from 616 version) where Storm tells everyone including Scott that they were once super villains. He needs someone to tell him that every idea is not fantastic like Emma does. Storm and Cyclops have to control their emotions and etc. But Storm understands that control doesn't mean cutting off emotions. She needs to teach Cyclops. OMFG THEY FUCKING KISSED.

AoA!Dazzler icon is so pretty! WHERE IS THAT FROM? I've never seen AoA!dazzler smile unless you count smirks. (which she was great at...fucking bad ass chick that will fuck you up!)
Ana: bobby needs a smoke guys; stacy x[personal profile] betterthanlegos on January 11th, 2012 06:37 pm (UTC)
It's from a pin up that Andy Kubert did!

And yeah, pretty much. That's why Jean was such a good balance for him back in the day because she didn't agree with every single thing he DID.