madeinalab: Storm and Cyclops kissing. K I S S I N G ([AXM]  Stand by me)
madeinalab ([personal profile] madeinalab) wrote on January 11th, 2012 at 08:06 am
Ana, I ship it so hard. And finally, someone acknowledged that Storm can finally put Cyclops in his place. To remove him from the path that he is going down. I saw a scan (from 616 version) where Storm tells everyone including Scott that they were once super villains. He needs someone to tell him that every idea is not fantastic like Emma does. Storm and Cyclops have to control their emotions and etc. But Storm understands that control doesn't mean cutting off emotions. She needs to teach Cyclops. OMFG THEY FUCKING KISSED.

AoA!Dazzler icon is so pretty! WHERE IS THAT FROM? I've never seen AoA!dazzler smile unless you count smirks. (which she was great at...fucking bad ass chick that will fuck you up!)
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