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I've started (or actually already had a forgotten account, but I will be making it active) an account for My username is MADEINALAB. Best username ever since all my favorite characters are made from a lab. HEE! If everyone wants to befriend me there...yay!

I just dled PS and been looking at tutorial. I am ready to make something. I'm trying to fill up my coming-soon icon post. I am accepting any icon requests for mah friends list. You can make them sharable or not.

So far, all I've been making is Cyclops/Storm icons. OMFG, I hate Astonishing X-Men but their new issue (44) of Storm and Cyclops...the interaction between those two was what I always wanted. The cover is those two sharing a kiss. I seriously flipped out. Also, Nightcrawler looks like the version of X-Men: Evo. Which makes me laugh. Still a horrible comic series though.

I've started working third shifts at a CVS. It's new...and fun, I guess. If I got enough sleep. I dunno if I can last being on third shift, but I'm trying. I get so much stuff on third shift, and I finally think I am helping out the store. I hate being idle on a cash register. I am a much better stocker since I actually bust my ass. (I have no idea where I get my work ethic from. lolol) It's a little scary since the store down on six mile (and I work on five mile) got robbed. But I am never alone. Also, I drive to work on my own now. I'm finally learning to be more comfortable driving. I just need to learn to be comfortable on a freeway. And learn my way around this new area...I get lost so easily.

I've noticed [info]minisinoo's website is down. I didn't save any of her Scott Summers series/fics. I'm a little disappointed. She had really good series, Climb the Wind and The Golden Goose (that was multi-authors including Dex and Dyce. Two of my other favorite writers). I am hoping I can get some PDFs off of other fans.

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